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Aankondiging VZV jubileumcongres 12 september 2015
On 12 September 2015 the Dutch Translators Association VZV will organize its 25th Anniversary Congress.For more information, please check News or visit the website

The ITI Dutch Network is a group for translators and interpreters working between Dutch and English. We offer our members annual Weekend Workshops, an e-mail forum to discuss terminology and other translation-related issues, and job alerts from prospective customers.

Use the buttons at the top to discover more about the Network’s background and services.

If you have any questions or would like to join the ITI Dutch Network, please contact the Network Convener, Marjo Crins.

Need a translator?

Are you looking for a translator or interpreter working between Dutch and English? Send us the details of your translation or interpreting assignment (required language combination, subject area, number of words/hours, etc.) and individual members will respond directly with their quotations.

Dutch and Flemish

The Dutch language is spoken in both the Netherlands and in the northern part of Belgium (Flanders). ‘Flemish’ is sometimes used as a shorthand to describe the variant of Dutch used in Belgium.

People are often confused about whether Flemish is a separate language, not least because Flemish people commonly refer to their language as Vlaams rather than Nederlands and Dutch people are fond of telling foreigners that whatever Flemings speak, it’s certainly not the same language as they use. (Read more…)

Like to help?

Would you like to help out with the organisation of the Dutch Network, take charge of one of our activities or simply offer your suggestions as to how we can go on improving? If so, contact the Network Convener.